Cable & Wireless

This FTSE 100 company needed to raise the likelihood of closing those bids already in the sales pipeline, to increase the opportunities within existing bids and to increase the total sales pipeline by £35m.


 Increased sales volume and market share  Increased margin through reduced costs of sale   Reduced the time-to-market for new products  Reduced overall cost of marcoms  Created an marketable asset value for the Music Download platform  Improved the brand value of Cable & Wireless


 Revenue per client ranged from £100k to £9m p.a.  Developed a clear valuation of clients based on their profitability  A full scale review of all products was underway  Development of professional services had just started  Developing an IP broadcast tv proposition with Sony and Cisco  Participating in a shortlisted bid to purchase BBC Technology


 Revised the go-to-market strategy at board level  Brought a high profile European music download service to market  Re-aligned the marketing resources for all bids  Co-ordinated shared resources across all the business units to reduce tactical marketing cost and increase brand awareness.

Our critical contribution

★ Devised sales strategy, marketing planning and implementation for all initiatives.