This is the 90-second version of a high end video that we shot for RasGas (Qatar). We featured many of the countries who receive LNG supplies from the company, and found a charming way to bring the abstract idea of ‘energy’ to life. I was responsible for the campaign strategy, scripting and the relationship with the client. RasGas were particularly happy with the ¬†work and exploited it intelligently to get a very good return on investment.

Although the video obviously promotes RasGas as if it was a consumer product, this was not the primary audience. The target was “all stakeholders in the company”: investors, partners (including purchasers), politicians, civil servants, suppliers, staff and so on. The rationale being that if people really understood the benefits that RasGas brought to the world, they would naturally be enthusiastically motivated support the company. The film had a standing ovation when shown at a staff meeting for 1000 employees.