Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.” Plato

Reputation is your corporate or product identity, associated with good feelings. A brand is simply a mark.

An identity needs to present a relevant, coherent and consistent image to all its target audiences and provides a system of control, to help you achieve your objectives. Many people confuse the development of a brand identity with a logo or packaging, but they are not the same thing. The system comes first and the artwork comes later.

Almost everything that I’ve done in the last twenty years has included the creation, building and maintaining of a good and fitting reputation for clients, by establishing their identity and bringing it to life in many different ways.

Feelings about an enterprise or products stem from an experience of that which is done in the company’s name, so the process begins with an understanding of ‘Where you are right now’ to align your goals, your resources and your relationship with the market.

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