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FIGHTBACK Article ideas

  • Summer holiday book read; On one level, FIGHTBACK is simply a good story ...
  • How to make a change; How can an ordinary person take effective action against something they disagree with, in these extraordinary times?
  • Lifestyle v life struggle; The contrast between second home owners and holidaymakers with the lives of the locals.
  • Concrete and Cream Teas; Developers exploiting beauty spots and local authorities desperate for revenue.
  • The UK’s ‘fifth nation’; Cornwall has a curious legal status and a reasonable claim to be nation in its own right.
  • Cornwall and the G7; How strange it was to see the hoopla around a coterie of world leaders convening in one of the poorest regions in Europe.
  • Local people priced out of housing; A phenomenon which affects the popular regions of countries worldwide.
  • An author’s life in Cornwall; A twenty-first century profession in a nineteenth-century landscape.
  • 21st Century artisan; What it is to have total responsibility for both one’s creative output and commercial exploitation.
  • The Westminster Bubble aka ‘Maybe something can be done for the poor’; How centralised government affects the success of peripheral regions.
  • Sustainable Business; The triple bottom line combined with good ethics in modern companies.



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