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Back in the third century AD, ordinary people believed the words ‘“ibra k’dibra” – ‘I have created through my speech’ – inscribed on an amulet, had healing powers. Desperate souls carved the familiar phrase on doorways to ward...

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Special Interests

The coat of arms used by Her Majesty’s Government includes the text ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’, which translates as ‘shamed be the person who thinks evil of it.’ The parliamentary code of conduct is a substantial...

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Ethical Governance

A 2' 50" video to introduce the principles of ethical governance.

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The 'nucleus of global change'

According to the Prime Minister, Cornwall was the venue for G7 in June 2021 because it’s the ‘nucleus of global change.’ Let’s examine this … Cornwall is one of the poorest and most socially deprived areas in Europe....

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The Independent : Full Article

'The “development” of houses in Cornwall currently serves neither the people who live there, the environment, nor the local economy. We are all at a crossroads. Are we going to create a society that allows ordinary people on...

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Birth of an Idea

About ten years ago, I fought a court case against a former client who owed me a life-changing amount of money. Two years later, the side-effects of a medicine nearly killed my wife and left her severely disabled....

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