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espresso is a collection of very short pieces; each can be read in the same time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. They seek to invigorate and enlighten you with clear, concise, evidence-based insights.

We travel through such confusing times with CoViD, lockdowns, recession, threats to our livelihoods and the existential threat posed by our damage to the natural world. Populist leaders say whatever they think we want to hear. It’s hard to know the truth when so many people have so many opinions. This causes doubt, worry, distrust and fear.

espresso examines culture, work, society and politics from the viewpoint of secular ethics so that we can be confident about our own values; the basis of transparency, dignity and respect. espresso isn’t written by an academic, but someone who’s a proud father, has run businesses, suffered the loss of his parents, and had his portion of ups and downs.

Book length 12,000 words in each volume of the series

Genre Non-Fiction


  • ethics in everyday life
  • self, culture, work, society and politics
  • leadership, finance, home, health, the environment, science, technology, culture, and international affairs


Dozens of entertaining micro-essays about sleep patterns, Lady Godiva, risk, dinosaurs, freedom of speech, tribal meetings, and much more.

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