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A pulsating novel set in modern-day Cornwall, where a desire to protect a cherished surf spot becomes a struggle between an individual and huge commercial interests.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sam Alder is a carpenter, living in a small, close-knit seaside town. Both home and work begin to fall apart, when he objects to a major building project that threatens a beautiful landscape. As he tries to restore the life he loves, he discovers a hidden world of powerful forces that want to exploit everything he holds precious … and he is in their way.

Book length 55,000 words

Genre Political Drama


  • Powerful organisations, corporates and individuals, acting without ethics to get their way. Touches on Big Data campaigns and social media profiling.
  • Meeting a threat head-on allows the hero to resolve important issues of manhood.
  • A complex romantic relationship becomes a dangerous obstacle.

Key Features

  • The spirit of ancient Cornwall and the local surf culture
  • A battle to save a beautiful and healthy coastline from ugly development
  • A world that puts money before people and the environment
  • Local officials who do as they’re told
  • A love story that starts badly
  • A coming of age story

Talking Points

  • The fragility of tourist regions and areas of outstanding natural beauty
  • Unrestrained ‘free market’ activity
  • Chumocracies
  • Insidious use of social media / digital material / loss of privacy
  • Unscrupulous PR tactics
  • Ocean pollution / threats to the natural environment
  • A permissive Planning system in the UK
  • The craven desire for foreign direct investment
  • Housing justice
  • Over-development
  • Community spirit



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