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The best journalism finds facts, cuts away the dross and reveals a truth. I’ve taken the same approach to writing espresso. Each piece can be read in the same time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. They will invigorate and enlighten you with clear, concise, evidence-based insights about ourselves, our culture, work, society and politics.


The Rose Bowl , Hope, Vengeance, Forgiveness, Hidden Strength, Care, Behind the Face of Things, In Praise of Greatness, Barefoot Nursing, Schrodinger’s Cat, Emotional Intelligence, Insults, Fluency, I Sing the Body Electric, Avalanche.

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Transitions, Hope, Vengeance, Forgiveness, Gambit, Care, Relax, just Relax, Adaptive listening, The Emperor and the Drone, A Hardscrabble Life, Drumming, Moving Stones, Poesy, Over the Hills and Far Away, Schrödinger’s Cat, Zhao Meng Fu, Undercover Heroes and Heroines, The First Cornish, Rebellion, Inclusivity, Pilaster, Safety at Work, Certainty and Risk, Promises, Promises, Office Politics, Campaigning for Election, Tempo, Dinosaurs, Aboriginal Settlements, Salmon, Sherlock Knows Best, Privacy on the Smartphone, Quantum Teleportation for Beginners, Relief Roads, Driving Offences, Whither Power?, How You Vote, Special Interests, Grants, Child Slavery, Indian Hegemony, Still Waters Run Deep, Trident, Mox, The Cost of Capital, La Classe Sterile.


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