Petition Responses

Below are some of the comments from the petition ‘Save Cornwall’s Green Fields’ on 38 Degrees at

Linda D.
Shame on you Cornwall Council, you will lose your tourists if you spoil this beautiful county.

Sofia B.
because cornwall already struggles enough

Jenny S.
1st priority for fair housing policy that benefits everyone not just landowners who will make a killing out of selling valuable farmland to developers and people who can afford mad house prices, is to make sure all empty houses r made fit for habitation & affordable occupancy.

Kevin t.
Not enough jobs and develop brown field sites if not allow more self build not large housing developers

Jenny P.
We should build on brown sites in and around towns. There are plenty in Cornwall.

The NPPF and NPPG do not accommodate unique areas or places ~ one rule does fit all

Steve M.
There are no jobs in Cornwall, build where it’s needed

Angi S.
Not enough jobs, not enough infrastructure, doctors, dentists, schools. Stop expanding development in Cornwall before it is ruined

Basma a.
The planing permissions given are with out any thought and planing infrastructure. The children of the People who have lived here for generation can’t find schools near their homes complete and utter shambles. The planing permission to ridicule building out of place in there environment. Enough is enough. They ruined Cornwall .

Patricia R.
Protecting Cornwall.

Joanne M.
Cornwall is a stunning place to live and that is due to the green fields and sea views, I personally think they are already going over the top on building as it is. the will be no fields left soon.

Darrell P.
Brown field sites should be built on before more green belt is used.

Sally D.
To keep our greenery , it’s nice to see coming back from Spain, if this goes ahead it will be like landing in Spain , not good

Christine N.
I have signed this petition to highlight the need to protect green fields in Cornwall. Cornwall Council should be protecting the County not continually building on green fields.

Deborah T.
We need to preserve what we have as everything is being taken away and built on by money grabbing companies that have no heart!!

Junie B.

These houses are not for Cornish residents, they are being built so that a few can get rich at the expense of local people’s environment.Result is massive traffic congestion in Truro, St Austell and Falmouth, lack of dental services,, lack of hospital beds lack of care workers, lack of clean air around these traffic corridors for those unlucky to live there…

Anna B.
Cornwall relies on it’s tourism. Don’t build on greenfield, there has to be an alternative without destroying the beautiful landscape.

Diana F.
Of course Cornwall needs more homes, but (a) they need to be affordable to locals and (b) their siting needs to be sensitive, not just because Cornwall is beautiful but because houses are not enough: infrastructure -roads, primary schools, shops, public transport – needs to be considered at the same time. (from a former resident of St Teath and of Grampound)

Christopher F.
Green open space is under threat everywhere – not enough is done to redevelop brownfield sites. See the CPRE website for details.

Terry W.

We must save our County from mass housing. Whilst I agree that we need affordable housing, this must be for local people and not for incomers and second homes.

E s. 

There are brown field sites to build in first

Suzanne A.
We need to preserve our green heritage … Once it’s gone it’s gone forever

Terry W. 

We must save our County from mass housing. Whilst I agree that we need affordable housing, this must be for local people and not for incomers and second homes.

Jonathan H.
…this is sacred land..

Denny L. about 8 hours ago
St Ives is being totally commercially exploited and it’s not for social development !

Theresa S. about a month ago
Our Green fields are precious and, once lost, cannot be replaced. Planning inspectors should always take into account local views and aim to preserve our countryside.

Sue N. about a month ago
Too many planning applications in Green Field sites and appeal inspectors not taking notice of local views!

roads inadequate, building granted for more houses on the Lizard, an AONB, only one road in & out medical help might be at risk if road is blocked

colin s. 2 months ago
cornwall is losing to many of its green fields to housing.

dawn h. 2 months ago
because cornwall is losing its beauty to useless wind turbines and its green fields and countryside.

rah M. 2 months ago
I want to keep my county green, stop the second home owners from pushing the prices up and then leaving the properties empty 90% of the year!

Joanne H. 3 months ago
Left to the council planners, there will be no beauty left in Cornwall for torus it’s (whom we rely on for our economy) or locals to visit or enjoy….

Martin C. 2 months ago
It should be the responsibility of local communities to decide planning issues through their Neighbourhood Plan.

Sarah J. 2 months ago
Cornwall is getting smaller every day

saira g. 3 months ago
because its just not an option- we cannot return the land and humans are becoming a disease, resources ARE limited.

peter b. 3 months ago
The Council doesn’t seem to care about Cornwall. It should be fighting to protect it instead of ramping up hyper-development.There is no benefit in this to anyone, except the developers and their bank balances. What price the loss of beauty and tranquillity?

peter A. 3 months ago
Once all the green fields are built on and cornwall councill have turned our lovley county into the likes of birmingham. once its gone its gone for good!!!

Catherine B. 3 months ago
The homes are not affordable housing ,it’s just a few people making big money, not a for the good of every one, use brown sites, these may be more expensive but green space is very precious, please please don’t take the easy option SAVE OUR OPEN GREEN SPACE

Emma H. 3 months ago
The houses that are being built are not affordable on the average Cornish wage, and there are simply too many being built with no consideration for amenities or our beautiful countryside.

felicity t. 3 months ago
For England!

Gary N. 3 months ago
30,000 homes who for ?, Local first time buyers who cant afford them because of the low wages down here, or second homes for the wealthy city folkes who bring nothing to the Cornish economy for 50 weeks of the year.

Andrew G. 3 months ago
My job requires me to travel the world, this has provided me with the insight and appreciation to what Cornwall offers those who live there and anyone who wants to visit. Places like Cornwall are becoming increasingly rare as such must be protected for future generations. Once fields have gone and the character of the landscape changed it remains that way for ever. Stop selling off Cornwall for a quick buck. It’s wrong

Susan H. 3 months ago
Housing need is for social housing and The calculations they make are incorrect too

Gina r. 3 months ago
Already the outstanding beauty of Cornwall is being compromised. Villages that once had their own unique identity are gradually becoming an extension of bigger towns. Infra structures are already under pressure with wildlife losing precious natural habitat..

Jill p. 3 months ago
30000 houses equates to at least 10 new villages I don’t get it how many people do you know who cannot find somewhere to live

Derrick H. 3 months ago
Very few houses built would be affordable for our local kids to get on the ladder to to raise their own family in, a lot would end up as second homes for the better paid people up the line. Since going to unitary authority this council and its ways have gone to the dogs, their not for local people anymore.

Sally C. 3 months ago
The powers that be are ruining our county, changing it from a beautiful place people want to visit to ugly sprawling suburbs round our towns. If people can’t afford to move to Cornwall, then they should go and live somewhere else. All new building should be social housing only, never to be sold, but kept sacrosanct for people with existing connections to the county.

hannah s. 3 months ago
Our towns are dying,we have industrial parks standing empty,yet the council are digging up fields! Madness!

geraldine m. 3 months ago
This is the most blinkered inept council ,with little vision and knowledge of the wider business world

margaret e. 3 months ago
I signed because I want the county of cornwall to remain a green and pleasant land for my descendants and for them to see the beauty of the county and not be full of little boxes on green field sites

Brian W. 3 months ago
Cornwall needs its green fields for sustainable food production and to preserve the amenity of our unique county, not for housing estates to make profits for unscrupulous developers – or for that matter more supermarkets or retail parks.

Jenny S. 3 months ago
More housing is needed BUT it should not be allowed to spoil areas of outstanding beauty

Janet M. 3 months ago
We need a better infrastructure before we increase homes.

Karen c. 3 months ago
Signing a petition is the easy part

Kym S. 3 months ago
Cornwall is a wonderful and rich landscape and doesn’t deserve to be subjected to more building. Homes and the placement of them needs to be smarter and more environmentally sound. Cornwall is an area of low income and high expenditure so who would actually benefit from these new builds? Keep the green!

Len C. 3 months ago
To try and preserve our County as a pleasant place to live and visit. London and the South East have a housing problem. CORNWALL DOESN’T!!!! The figures for housing need do not stack up, no allowance is made for the vacation of existing properties when occupants move to a property more suitable for their needs. IT IS HIGH TIME CORNWALL COUNCIL ACCEPTED THIS AND DID NOT JUMP TO THE TUNE OF POLITICAL PARTIES!!!!

Jacqueline D. 3 months ago
We need to keep habitat connectivity and something to grow food on to pass to other generations.

constance m. 3 months ago
How about the thousands of houses that are only occupied for about a month a year, give them back to the locals and we wouldn’t need to build half as many, plus it would mean our hotels would be generating more business and more jobs. We need our farm land to feed the people and we need the green open fields to keep Cornwall beautiful for future generations. No one wants to visit council estates.

Pat M. 3 months ago
Our village is being destroyed by developers aided by a council not investigating proposed sites first. So many trees are being destroyed in pursuit of a fat profit !!

Kim H. 3 months ago
Cornwall is being ruined, too many houses, wind turbines, and solar Panels, we need to save the Countryside.

JEREMY V. 3 months ago
Cornwall’s relatively unspoilt landscape is its greatest asset for both residents and visitors. Whilst there is a need for more housing new development must not outstrip infrastructure and employment.

Jo G. 3 months ago
Our beautiful countryside is being developed into a concrete jungle .Please stop Think what you are doing to the wild life !!!!!

Brenda P. 3 months ago
I willingly spent 12 years of my life defending Cornwall’s green fields I upset many of the affluent and influencial. For this I was punished through the judicial system for the next ten years. But we mustn’t give up, it is impossible to create any more green fields.

Kathleen K. 3 months ago
Sick of Wainhomes

Helen R. 3 months ago
The infrastructure and services are already creaking. How is Treliske to cope with another 100,000 people? The Police, GP surgeries, schools, care homes etc. are already struggling.

Michele L. 3 months ago
Cornwall is fast losing it identity as a rural county and this is not positive for those who live in or visit its beautiful towns. Cornwall’s small roads are becoming increasingly risky to drive on and our infrastructure is not coping with the increase in population. Our green fields and stunning coastline are being permanently destroyed. This Government and our Councils are responsible and they need to take action now to stop…

Diane O. 3 months ago
I object to green fields being used for development

Deborah B. 3 months ago
We don’t need huge estates-rather small infill developments and refurbishment of older homes. Also-where are the jobs, hospital beds, doctors, school places, road space for all of this?

John W. 3 months ago
I signed based on my love of Cornwall’s beautiful landscape, obvious building projects around my town and the comments on this 38 DEGREES signing page (which could be false, but I’m not willing to take that risk).

Christopher n. 3 months ago
We need more affordable housing not new housing. We also need to preserve our countryside. Towns are expanding too much. Redevelopment not new development.

Neil D. 3 months ago
There isn’t the necessary infrastructure to cope with all the additional traffic 30000 new homes will bring. The county is already gridlocked as it is. I guarantee a majority will be sold as second homes anyway and provide nothing to the local community. Cornwall Council seem intent on destroying our beautiful county. We need to preserve the beauty of the county for future generations. Don’t allow this to happen. This is totally foolish and immoral.

darren w. 3 months ago
too much development of the green surrounding areas of town centers is already happening yet locals still cannot afford to buy, rather than build more properties… how about doing something to regenerate town centres and create some much needed jobs??

Ali R. 3 months ago
We are lucky enough to live in the most beautiful part of Great Britain and it needs protecting from greedy developers and a shortsighted County Council

Sam W. 3 months ago
Because, there may be a need-but for local affordable housing omly

Nancy C. 3 months ago
Cornwall needs houses that the Cornish can afford not houses that will line some developer’s pocket!

Rebecca l. 3 months ago
Stop ruining Cornwall. People come here because of the views. Soon they will all be gone!

Roger H. 3 months ago
I have to travel abroad several times a year to make a living. I choose to live in Cornwall (gladly bearing the extra expense in time and money to get to/from here each time I travel) because it is beautiful, green and peaceful. Cornwall Council’s policy of (A) encouraging developers to destroy green fields in a county whose main industry is tourism, so that (B) more people will move to this area of low employment and live on benefits, is patently absurd.

Colleen T. 3 months ago
Leave Cornwalls Green spaces alone.

Peter N. 3 months ago
Cornwall’s planners care more about ticking boxes then the Counties unique countryside and historical heritage. The issue of genuine affordable homes needs to be re-addressed so that they meet the needs and budgets of local young people.

Maricia b. 3 months ago
We love cornwall especially because of its scenery, use empty buildings brown field sites, etc for houses. Keep as much green as possible or it will no longer be the cornwall we love, just roads, traffic and houses!

Lesley B. 3 months ago
I can’t put it any better than the other signatories who have put the case so well. Cornwall was beautiful. People came to Cornwall because of this. It will soon be a county of houses and acres of solar panels where meadows once where. The rate of loss of natural habitat and superb landscape and beauty is increasing at an alarming and appalling rate. When all is lost and the landscape scarred and gone forever I expect the developers will abandon it in their droves.

Shauney S. 3 months ago
No need for thousand of more homes when thousands lay empty.

Alison H. 3 months ago
We need to save Cornwall before it disappears because Cornwall Council just do not care what happens to Cornwall.

Robin o. 3 months ago
Kernow bys vykken

Helen w. 3 months ago
Because they are not wanted or needed and cannot be bought by locals and a proper price. Keep greed out of Cornwall

andrew w. 3 months ago
There’s enough brown sites in Cornwall! Look around Redruth, Pool and Camborne!

Stuart M. 3 months ago
Just build a new town somewhere along the A30 and put all new housing there. Stop building in existing towns

Glynis A. 3 months ago
Bude is (or should I say was) a small coastal town with beautiful beaches and lovely green countryside. In the last 2 years permission for 400 houses has been granted on a farm at the entrance to the town. Now permission is being sought for 234 houses on the other side of the road and another farmer is about to seek permission for 200 houses on his farmland. We are in the process of drawing up a neighbourhood plan but at this rate there will be no green land left to protect.

Angie W. 3 months ago
There are so many brown field sites in Cornwall they should be the first place to build. The Cornwall that people love is being destroyed, soon it will be one big housing estates full of slums and people will be trying to leave to get away from the mess it has become, leaving the Cornish to pick up the pieces of this once beautiful County

Angela W. 3 months ago
Apart from housing, hope this policy will also apply to preventing more wind turbines fouling the landscape.

Peter W. 3 months ago
Too high a proportion of planning consents are given by a Bristol based Planning Inspector. What are the arguments against democratic control of planning?

Lucy C. 3 months ago
Cornwall relies on tourism, tourists don’t want to visit housing estates and how many locals can afford the extortionate prices so who will be buying these homes? Landlords will buy them and people who already have their own homes, no use to the people struggling to survive here.

Michael H. 3 months ago
Soon many of those 30000 will be bought for use as second homes and then we’ll need to build more and so on ……

Anne d. 3 months ago
I have lived in Truro for 32 years and have seen all the green fields that I used to admire from my bedroom window disappear and be replaced with houses! Enough!!

Jan N. 3 months ago
Lived in Cornwall for 20 years – still miss it, and would hate to see it despoiled. Plenty of brown field sites available, and green areas in places which AREN’T particularly beautiful!

Susan p. 3 months ago
The green open countryside is what makes Cornwall so lovely and attractive to visitors

Bryan B. 3 months ago
Drove from Hayle to St Austell and saw how the area around Grampound has been raped by greed!

Neil h. 3 months ago
Let’s get existing homes available again first

Nicola Z. 3 months ago
This constant development is ruining Cornwall, and has anyone noticed that there’s very little employment in the County!

william t. 3 months ago
We need more common sense involved with the decisions of development, people don’t realise what some of Cornwall has suffered with this. At the very least we need someone to consider our views, instead of having a local authority that ignores its residents concerns and only says yes to everything. Housing requires more than just houses, it requires services which are already at breaking point.

Janet C. 3 months ago
how about brown sites? Where is the infrastructure? Cornwall’s is sadly lacking. Schools? Treliske hospital? jobs?etc. Affordable housing never benefits those who need them only those who build them! to quote “the Week” So please dont try to ask us to buy into the concept this is beneficial to Cornwall

Jean C. 3 months ago
Put a stop to mass house building. Cornwall is being concreted over by planners and developers. Our county is being destroyed not through need but greed.

Stuart R. 3 months ago
The bigger picture is quality of life and health. Building houses on natural land is not a decision made with that in mind and is therefore neglectful and should be opposed, and the people who proposed the planning in the first place should be looked at and evaluated in regards to their competency to make responsible decisions.

Eddie F. 3 months ago
Because the inherent value of landscape, once destroyed, can never be recreated

Carolyn S. 3 months ago
I live and farm in Kernow

Peter L. 3 months ago
There is plenty of brown field land for building on. We must not allow developers to take the cheaper option for them and ruin our green landscape

veronica s. 3 months ago
We need our beautiful countryside left as it is. there is plenty of rundown trading estates ect that can be used

morris w. 3 months ago
To protect this beautiful scenery for the future

Sue D. 3 months ago
To keep our fields looking like they should

June B. 3 months ago
Just try to get an appointment at the hospital and you will see why we can’t have an increased population.I have seen a huge increase in the population which has a huge impact on healthcare, sewage,schools, police.The politicians want this but it is not helping local people ,just the opposite?i work in health and see first hand the problems.Heaven help the next generation.Build affordable homes for young in town centres but make sure it’s for our own people.

Harry B. 3 months ago
I care and have experienced the pressure from above. Harry

Fi l. 3 months ago
Because some places should be left alone.

John B. 3 months ago
We’re losing too much as the governments continue to sell off our country in chunks to the highest bidder, trouble is the money is invested into an offshore tax free bank account

Stephen C. 3 months ago
Unless some better exceptions are put in place then developers will keep getting their way. They should work with the local parish councils and local people’s desires.

Sue K. 3 months ago
We need to asess the need before we built homes that are sold out of county as in camelford…save our county and I will vote for you

Geoffrey A. 3 months ago
Cornwall needs affordable housing for locals on brownfield sites.

Elaine H. 3 months ago
Because once our green fields have gone they’re gone FOREVER.

Stefan K. 3 months ago
Far too many houses being built. We need social and affordable housing and no others until present needs are met,

Alan F. 3 months ago
Everywhere in England we need to restrict immigration and reduce the size of families by contraception as decreed by Population Matters, to then reduce the need for any new homes being built on our precious green belt. England already has the highest density of population of any country in Europe.

Nicola L. 3 months ago
Leave Cornwall alone!!!! We don’t want or need 30,000 new homes. There are THOUSANDS of homes empty here in towns where second home owners have driven up the prices so high that the young Cornish people can’t afford them. Cornwall is beautiful BECAUSE of it’s green spaces and fields DO NOT RUIN IT!!!! 

Martyn Skynne 

Every person is born with an emotional intelligence code. Emotional intelligence codes guides the human psychological processes. No matter how academic a person might be if the person’s Emotional intelligence codes are damaged or running out of sequence the person’s psychological abilities will be misinformed.

The over development of Cornish Land and the over populating of Cornwall at a time when employment opportunities and social support services are in demise is an act of incompetence, indicating that the persons responsible for the over development of Cornish Land and the over populating of Cornwall are unfit for purpose.

If the rest of England is becoming over populated the problem needs to be dealt with at the point of over population. Effective immigration control, effective removal of none essential migrants and improved measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Cornwall is no different to a life boat, Cornwall is mainly surrounded by water. If a life boat is over filled it sinks taking with it its occupants. Cornwall is over populated resulting in in sufficient employment, care and other resources.

Place too many rats in an confined space and they will fight and kill for survival resources. Cornwall and its people face a very unpleasant future unless the population of Cornwall is reduced and adequate resources are put in place for people to use as equals.